We survived week 1 with the puppies.

So here's a bit of the story on the puppies. I saw a posting on Craigslist for lab/golden retriever mix for $10! So when Aaron got home I convinced him to just go look at the puppies. Well we of course came home with two. They are seriously the best little puppies though. They are almost house broken already... we still have some accidents, but they are starting to ask to go outside. They do whine at night, but they're happy if they're in garage. Go figure. We tried to make a better place for them to sleep and they cry until we put them in the garage. So that's where they sleep, in their little bed. Olivia absolutely loves them. First thing she says she wakes up every morning and every nap, "Woowoo? Woowowowwooowoowooo..." (Olivia speak for doggies) and this continues until we find the dogs and she tortures them. She loves to hug them and cuddle them, and let them lick her face. They have nipped at her a few times, but she tells them who's boss and pushes them away. Cracks me up. I am not sure we are cut out to handle two dogs, and may see if my mom will take one home with her when she comes out this weekend. My sister could use a good dog, but we'll see if that works out.

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lrbodine said...

Those puppies are sooo cute! Seriously - Ellie and I want to come over and play with them!