Pictures 1 - Olivia and Bohdi

Here are just a few pictures of Olivia and her favorite furry friend, Bohdi.

poor puppy.
So we have a birthday coming up in March, and I think I know we're getting her... (If you know anyone looking to get rid of a puppy let us know!)


Sarah W. said...

My sister's dog just had Schnauzer puppies... I may be making a trip to see her in March... I can maybe bring one or more (there were 7!) home to you!! let me know. They will just be ready to leave their mom by then!


How Cute! I love that dog... does that breed shed a lot? We have a dog that sheds like crazy and it drives me nuts!

How well does he do with Olivia?

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's. I'm jealous you spent it in New Jersey :) I miss that place sometimes. Did you go back to the Fardale Ward?

Lauren said...

We didn't make it back to the Fardale Ward :( It's too far from my parents house. But went to my ward where I was baptized which is always nice. And the dog was AMAZING with Olivia. I was so afraid the first few days because he could literally tear her in half in like two seconds, but he was soooo good to her. She was all over him, pulling his fur and even BIT HIM a couple times, and he never even as much as growled at her. I was so surprised because by the end of the trip I wouldn't have been surprised if he nipped at her or something because she just loved to climb on him and hold onto his fur. Oh, and he doesn't shed AT ALL. He's kind of a unique labordoodle, because he's a standard size poodle not a toy poodle, so he's literally the size of a small horse. But I'm sure the little ones are just as friendly. But as far as I know any of the "doodle" breeds don't shed.