I tag Olivia...

So I did a Facebook tag of 25 random things about me... but when I was thinking of them I kept thinking of things about Olivia. So I decided I'd tag her here. hehehe...

1 - I LOVE food. There is nothing I won't put in my mouth. If I like, which I like I almost everything, I will eat and eat and eat. This includes pretty much everything except those teething biscuits my mom made for me... yuck! I'd rather eat the dirt in the backyard. YUM!

2 - If I hear music, or anything that resembles a beat I have to dance. I just can't help it.

3 - I took my first steps on my great-grandfather's birthday. I walked from my mom to my dogs. I was 10 months old.

4 - I LOVE dogs. I call them woo-woo's. And I love them.

5 - My parents love me so much they got me two woo-woos.

6 - I am finally sleeping through the night! Almost 12 straight hours. I think my mommy loves me more now.

7 - I don't watch any TV, except I love to watch 15 minutes of Seasme St. every morning while I eat my breakfast.

8 - Speaking of breakfast, every morning I eat a bowl of oatmeal, almost half a cup of some kind of fruit, sometimes a slice of toast with jelly, and that's all AFTER I nurse! I'm a growing baby :)

9 - I am 29 and a half inches tall. I weigh about 20lbs.

10 - Once I opened a child proof bottle of Ibuprofen. Good thing my mom was right there, but it still scared her.

11 - I hate getting dressed in the morning, and even more into my PJ's.

12 - I still only have 2 teeth.

13 - I have always been fascinated by other kids, and they make me laugh and smile more than anything, even my mom.

14 - I say, "dada", "woowoo" and several other word sounding like noises, but I've never uttered "Mama". I'm just waiting for the opportune moment.

15 - I have pretty much had a runny nose since October. But today my mom hasn't had to wipe my nose not even once!

16 - I look SO cute with pigtails... but you probably knew that. .if you've ever seen me.

17 - I get really frustrated when I want to walk and walk, but I keep falling down.

18 - One of my favorite foods is green beans straight out of the can. I can eat half a can in one sitting. My mom learned from my diapers not to let me do this any more.

19 - I have been on 4 plane trips, if you don't count the times I was in my mommy's tummy.

20 - I like to climb. I am just figuring out this wonderful new skill. I can climb onto this stool, and I just realized I can push this stool to the chairs and then climb up on the chairs!

21 - I like to take care of my baby. I hold her, and rock her and push her around in her stroller. My favorite baby has a hole in her head from Bohdi.

22 - I try to put socks and shoes on all by myself. I mostly just stand on them, and can't figure out why they don't go on my feet.

23 - I have always loved to have my hair brushed.

24 - I share my birthday month with my grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt and several cousins. But somehow I still have my own day :)

25 - I am the happiest, most wonderful baby... and I still take two naps a day for my mommy.

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I love this.