Dr. Apt update

So yesterday, at 13 weeks 5 days, I finally got to see the dr. Got to hear the heart beat! It was about 150. Which is way lower than Olivia's ever was... sign it's a boy? Well we will find out at our next visit!! That's one great thing about waiting to go in to see the dr. My appointment is in 5 weeks, on May 27th.

Other than that, nothing new. Feel like I'm already huge, but I guess that's normal. Hopefully you just bigger faster not just bigger and bigger. I can't imagine being BIGGER than I was at the end. Well, now it's all starting to sink in, sort of.

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lrbodine said...

So exciting! And soon for your ultrasound appointment. I feel like I really "popped" out this week which is about a month earlier than last time! Crazy!! And I hope you are right that we just get bigger faster....