Free stuff

So just wanted to blog all the free stuff I got in April! All thanks to the internet!!

Okay first of all I signed up for almost every resturants newsletter thingy that I knew of that would give you free stuff if you did. By far the best deal is Fridays. When you sign up you get a free dessert or appitizer. Then they also email you lots of deals, like buy one get one free, or penny appitizers, etc. We have had eaten for free, at then fed all three of us for $10 including tip.

I also signed up for Dairy Queen's newsletter thing and got a free blizzard!

Also, a friend of mine blogged about a free eyebrow waxing. So of course I went and did that, and I have to look up this lady's info to blog it because she was awesome and her prices were great.

Then I found this blog, moneysavingmom.com It is full of how to use coupons to get the best deals, etc. With that I got 2 things of EZ Mac for free! She is always listing coupons to use and sales to get stuff for free, but I haven't done anything else yet.

We also got free lunch at El Pollo Loco with some promotion they were doing

Then today I got a free pasta bread bowl from Domino's. I got there right at 11, so I didn't even have to wait! In fact, they are doing this promotion today from 11-2 so if you happen to read this, go try it! It was actually pretty yummy, and when its free it always tastes better.

Also from doing a survey for Mimi's we got a free appetizer.

And I think that's all. I am dedicating myself to find the most free stuff possible, its so fun! lol

Oh, and I just have to add... we went garage saling on Saturday and the lady was doing a bag sale, and anything you could fit in the plastic shopping bag you could have for $1. So I filled that bag with clothes, toys, books, etc and later we priced it out... yeah spent about at 3 cents per item!! Had to include that, because that's practically free.

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