Our fun day, and some randomness

Yeah she's drinking a sonic slush.... lol.

So since I've lasted posted we've been pretty busy. I got my haircut :) I looove it. Although it's a haircut that I have to actually "do" every day, it's pretty minimal.

We like to play at the library. Notice Olivia's necklace. She insisted on it. Cracks me up.

Today Olivia and I went to a little park in Gilbert where they have fountains and water and stuff. We played and splashed and had a lot of fun.

Then we went to Old Navy and Olivia got this super cute outfit (thanks Granny!).

Okay and I can't believe I'm posting this because it's seriously how big I was when I was like 22 weeks with Olivia, but here's a 13 week baby belly. (I'm sure it's allllll baby, lol.)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so jealous! You are so obviously preggo! Def all belly!!! Me...i think I have a teeny tiny belly, but if you don't know than I think I just look fat...lol. I miss you and am so glad that we are going through this together<3

Mrs and Mr W said...

you look amazing!!! and little O is a DOLL!!!!