Olivia's first stomach flu (probably in too much detail)

So on Friday Olivia started her first case of a stomach bug. She woke up smelling.. well pukey. But she hadn't woken up in the middle of the night, and she seemed fine other wise, so I thought maybe it was just my sensitive nose. Well, she drank a huuuge thing of milk and ate some of her eggs... and less than hour later... yup. We got to see it all again. And then the fever kicked in, and so we spent our weekend on the couch.

I'll be honest, it wasn't so bad. I kept imagining if there was another little one to take care of, and that would have been a struggle. But for the first time since Olivia could move, she wanted to just snuggle with me. She's always wanting to be on the go, so for the first 24 hours I enjoyed just cuddling her on the couch, while she dozed in and out of sleep. And on Saturday she actually kept down liquids, still cuddled and slept. Sunday we stayed home, she was better, no fever, but craankky! The fun stage is def over.

Today she was still cranky, and actually threw up again??! She hadn't thrown up since Saturday afternoon. So I'm thinking her tummy is still a little sensitive and I wasn't feeding her the right stuff. So hopefully tomorrow she wakes up good as new.

People have asked me if I thought it was the swine flu. Honestly? Probably not. But even if it was, oh well she survived it, right? I didn't seen any reason to go to the Dr. for a virus unless things got really bad.

Just can't wait for her to not be contagious anymore so we can go out and play. We have been just us for too long. So let's pray that I don't get it. Mommys get an immunity to these things right?

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Tiffany said...

Poor Olivia! It's so sad when they are sick. Feel Better. And don't get sick Lauren!