I lost it today.

So lots of fun-ness going on over here... none of it involving the birth of this child... but fun nonetheless. My dad flew out last Sunday and we have been keeping him very busy. It's been so nice to have a full time playmate for Olivia. And all these projects are finally getting a done, a year after moving into this house! So really, I don't have much to complain about... except for the fact that I'm still pregnant. Which makes everything seem 1,000x worse.

Like the fact that our car needed a new fuel pump yesterday.

And the other car needed 4 new tires today.

And I'm still pregnant.

And Olivia pooped her pants this morning and it was SO nasty.

Did I mention I'm STILL pregnant?

And I get these cramps that are annoying... but not really quite labor-ish. I know it's soon, and impending, and will be here... but I'm losing my patience.

I ran into a friend at the Dr. today and when she asked when I was due I began to cry and sobbed, "I was due on Monday!" And I think I cried the rest of my doctor appointment.

Dr. Huish said we could induce, but there's not a real medical reason to. Baby is fine, I am fine.. relatively... so I'm trying to trust that my body knows what its doing. It's just frustrating to still be pregnant. I really never thought I'd still be pregnant on Halloween! I thought for sure I'd be out trick-or-treating with Olivia while my mom stayed home with new baby handing out candy or something.

Oh well.. good news is that I am 100% effaced and almost 4 cm dialated. So really... what is she waiting for!!


Anonymous said...

She'll be here soon. She's trying to be considerate and give O a little extra time as an only child before she has to share the attention.

Anonymous said...

And i signed in as me (Kate), but it says anonymous.

Tiffany said...

Maybe you will have a halloween baby!

Emily Hughes said...

Go walking with Amy at Fiesta Mall and you'll have a baby tomorrow. Amy walks fast. And make sure you use the stairs...lol.

lrbodine said...

Just scheduling the induction was enough for me to go into labor on my own... maybe you should try that. I can't believe you're sitting at a 4 already but that is good since you will hopefully go fast when she finally decides to come!

Liz said...

I am betting that your water will break and she'll come sliding out in record time! How close do you live to the hospital? ;-)

Emily said...

Lauren I have been thinking about you all week! I can't believe that baby doesn't want to come out yet. I don't know much about this stuff by 4cm is good, right? She'll be here before you know it and I am keeping you in my thoughts!

Sarah W. said...

Holy smokes... 100% effaced and dilated to 4cm! How can you NOT be in labor? I've known of women who didn't have any "real" contractions until it was time to push... maybe you are like that this time around (I'd be really angry with you! j/k) Anyways, I'm sorry you are so frustrated... she will come! I hope you enjoyed your Halloween with Olivia!