Flashing back to almost 19 months ago...

So guess what... I have a cold. A stuff nose, sore throat, probably going to turn into a hacking cough.

Remember right before I went into labor with Olivia I had the same stinking cold! I had a fever, and was up all night unable to breathe through my nose... and at 5am contractions started.

As much as I want to not be pregnant anymore, I hope this little girl waits until I'm better to make her entrance.

And honestly, how many babies are born at 37 weeks anyway? They say it's full term and all... but I am sure I'll go to my due date, and then some.

But really I'm not so sure. I hate these last 3 (4??) weeks. Just thinking every day... could I have a baby today?? Was that pain a contraction? And constantly going through my head exactly what I think I'm going to do when I do go into labor. How long am I going to wait before getting the epidural. I like to think I'm going to do what they say and go about my normal day as much as possible. Call my mom of course and let her know. But I won't freak out. I'll keep playing with Olivia, and clean my house. My mom will get here then I'll be in a lot of pain, and ready to go to the hospital. I'll be like 9 cm dialated by the time I get there. Push her out in like 2 pushes. I won't tear. She'll be perfect in every way. Yeah, that's how it's going to go...or something like that.

And this is what's keeping me awake at 11:40pm, when all I've wanted to do all day is sleep.

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lrbodine said...

Colds at this stage of pregnancy are the worst! I hope you feel better soon.

I hear you on wondering every day. I'm 9-10 days out from my due date and each day I'm analyzing everything. But reality is - I will probably still be pregnant on my due date! Even though I'm ready to be done now.