Pre-Halloween fun

So first let me get this much out of the way... I'm still pregnant. Due date is tomorrow. I really, really, really thought this baby would be here by now. Ohhh well... I probably should have done a fun halloween costume for the Opie Family Halloween party. But I didn't put much thought into because I really thought she'd be here! Anyway, my dad is here now to help out! I'm excited for that. We have been keeping busy. The pictures are of Olivia's cute ladybug costume that I made :) And her love of goats. We went to Schnepp's farm for my birthday last weekend and it was so fun. She also rode a pony. I have a bunch of pictures I should put up, but I'm too tired right now! Hopefully a post in the near future will be about our newest addition!

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Liz said...

I love her costume! She is so cute!