Feeling Blessed.

So I don't feel like uploading any pictures right now. I'll do that tomorrow. Maybe. But as Abigail is fussing in my lap I thought I'd take a minute and write what's in my heart. It just seems all around us people are struggling and sometimes I feel guilty we are SO blessed. Our kids will have a merry Christmas this year. We have family around us. We are going to be able to spend two weeks with family in NJ! Aaron and I are planning a trip to NYC. I want to see a show and eat dinner at this Italian resturant that we can never remember the name of or the exact location, but somehow wandering around we were able to find it twice! Anyway, I was just looking forward to that and realizing how lucky we are. Even little things like Olivia is in a toddler bed now, and has been for a week. And so far she hasn't tried to get out once! We put her to bed and she actually stays put. I was so sure she wouldn't, I made Aaron turn the door knob around because I was sure we'd have to lock her in so we could sleep. So far the only thing is she is waking up earlier and coming into my room and waking me up at 6. Often, I have just barely fallen back to sleep after feeding Abigail. Oh well, lack of sleep is worth it, most of the time. I love seeing how much Olivia is growing. She played so well with her cousins tonight. She's talking in little sentances. She's listening. She's helpful. Lately she's been cracking us up by singing "Ducktales woowoo!"
Abigail is growing. And smiling. And cooing. And sleeping. All I could ask for.
Aaron finished his application for pharmacy school. So now we wait. I think in 6 weeks or so we should get called for an interview. Then I think they said it was like 4 weeks from there to find out if he's accepted or not. If he gets in, he will start in June. I don't doubt that he'll get accepted.
As I think about these blessings my heart really is full with love for my Heavenly Father. I know all good things come from Him. I know it's because of our faithfulness that we have been so blessed. I am grateful to be married to a man that shares my beliefs. I love that Olivia says her own little prayers now. And if we forget to pray before a meal, or bed she will remind us. Makes me feel like I'm doing something right. Anyway, Abbi is asleep now, so I should be too. Goodnight!

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