One month old.

One of many many kisses Abigail gets when she's trying to sunbathe in her swing.

Do you see how long this girl is??

This face is priceless.

Abigail is one month old today. And she's already the big cousin! My sister-in-law had a baby boy this morning. Exactly one month apart! It will be fun to see pictures of them together. He weighed almost the same as Abigail, at 9lb 8oz.

So here are some current stats on Abigail. She's already over 12 lbs!! I'm not sure how long she is, but I'm sure she's grown length wise too because her clothes are not fitting her already! She's still a little jaundiced so we're working on getting her in the sun more. Hopefully that will be enough to clear it up. She's doing alright sleeping. She still sleeps much of the day. But she's sleeping pretty good at night too. Aaron has been a great help, so I always get at least 4 straight hours. Only a mom can consider 4 straight hours a good nights sleep! I always get a little more after that, but at least 4 hours consolidated is sooo nice. :) We have a bit of a routine but right now Abigail is so portable her naps are usually on the go. I know this stage doesn't last long so we're making the most of it by getting shopping done and all that.

Olivia loves her sister so much. She's pretty naughty sometimes, but when she gives Abigail kisses and hugs and is concerned when she cries, its just so heart warming for me! We're still working on being soft, and what's okay and what's not with touching Abigail. But for the most part she's really doing awesome.

We all have colds right now. Olivia seems to be getting over it. Abigail just sounds the tiniest bit congested. Nothing like Olivia was when she was a newborn! And my throats a little scratchy, but nothing too bad. Aaron is being a tough guy, so he must not be that sick ;) jk I think he is feeling a little crappy too. It's that time of year I guess.

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