Olivia was doing super in her bed... until about 4 days ago.

About the same time Abigail started SLEEPING ALL NIGHT. And I don't just mean 4-5 hours, I mean like, 9 or 10pm - 6am, or even yesterday until 7am!

Imagine the sleep I'd be getting if it wasn't for Olivia. She's now back to wanting to be held until she falls asleep. Then if she wakes up in the middle of the night, instead of just softly whining in her bed like she did the first week, she's out of her bed and in our room. Fortunately the past two nights she only did this once, and I took her back in her room, laid her in her bed and pat her back until she was back to sleep. And this only took 3, or 4 minutes both times. So guess that's okay, but still interupted my sleep. Last night was a doosey. I didn't get to bed until midnight. Olivia was in our room crying at 1am. Got her and myself back to sleep by 1:30. Then she was up again at 5:00. I tried to get her back to sleep. Even took her in our bed and hoped she'd fall asleep. NOPE. So here I am at 6:44am blogging about it. She's miserable. Blah. I guess I should be grateful at least I'm not getting up for feedings between Olivia wakings, but all I can think is the sleep I'm missing. Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've gotten 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep? I know what I'd like for Christmas. S-l-e-e-p.
So making this costume, and wrapping 3 presents took me 3 hours. THREE HOURS. It involved tears all around and several time outs. All to cut a three holes in a pillow case, glue some garland, and some "wings". But we made it to the Opie nativity in one peice.

Santa was an entire 45 minutes late. This picture was taken at almost 9:00. For Olivia "Santa" is synonymous with "candy". When he did arrive she was dancing around saying, "Yay Santa! Candy! Yay Santa, Candy!" And although it's clear she's really uncomfortable and shy and nervous, she'll endure anything for refined sugar and corn syrup in colorful wrappers.

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LG said...

She's getting her holiday mascots mixed up...Easter Bunny is for Candy...Santa brings way better stuff! So much to learn Olivia, so much to learn...