Some funny pictures

So I'm not sure why these uploaded so funky. I think forgot to center them. Oh well... first picture was the one of Olivia with peanut butter all over her face. She can now reach the counter with ease and get anything off it that she wants. So while I was busy doing something else, she covered her face in peanut butter, then came to me and said, "Look! Pretty make up!" Cracked me up, but what a stinkin mess! So into the sink she went for a bath. And I had to take a pic of the munchkin hair. Meanwhile, Abigail busied herself by doing crunches on her mat. I need to get a better picture of it, but Abigail will frequently lift her legs, and raise her head and arms, just like the pilates post The 100. It's like she knows she's a little chub and she's trying to work it off :) She does it in her car seat too. This girl is going to have abs of steel by her first birthday.

Also just random funniness from the mouth of Olivia.

Last night she heard a loud noise. She asked, "Daddy's home?" And I said, "No... I'm not sure what that was." And she replied, "Oh, Abigail just tooted." Hahhahaha! Seriously... it was like an airplane flying overhead or something. Such a funny kid.

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