Just to give you an idea....

Today we had our traditional family gathering for Green Eggs and Ham. It's the way Aaron's family celebrates St. Patrick's Day (I think... or there's another reason we eat green eggs and ham and I'm completely unaware of it). Anyway all the cousins were together, and Olivia had a great time. One of the cousins is going to be 1 next week. Abigail weighs 3 lbs more than her. It cracked me up. I love my chubby girl. Although both my girls have been cranky as can be lately. I am ready to start working full time or something. I need to constantly be keeping Olivia busy or she's whining. Nothing is ever big enough, chocolatey enough, whatever. It needs to be just as she wants or she freaks. If you come to our house you are bound to here, "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit." Multiple times a day. So some ridiculous things Olivia has said lately... well this is actually an example of what she hasn't said... Aaron asked her to do something and she said no, and Aaron said, "You don't say no to daddy." So she shook her no and said, "mm-mm". Like, see I'm not saying no, but I still am. Seriously the fact that her mind is working like this at barely 2 scares me for the future. Maybe she's getting it all out of system now. Oh a funny thing that still makes me laugh, is when the tag was bothering her on her pants she kept telling me there was a flag on her bum. I was like, "A flag?" I realized she meant tag, but I guess it is kinda like a flag... hahaha oh man. She's a crack up for sure. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more laughter and less tears.

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