Today was a great day. It was not as expected. But as I sit here at the end of the day I feel so grateful for my little family.

I have been looking forward to Lehi Days today for weeks now. I was so excited for Olivia to do the chicken races, and the petting zoo, and the yummy BBQ food. And tonight was our ward adult dinner, a Night in Italy. A free date! I was so pumped. But we woke up to a sick little girl. She had a pretty high fever. We couldn't find the thermometer, so I don't know how high it was, but she was acting pretty crazy, and sleepy. But then the fever would break and she would be fine. Then it would come back and she'd be miserable. Then it'd go away and she was fine. She has no other symptoms really. So we stayed home. We watched movies. Laid on the couch.

And my wonderful husband worked in the yard. There were weeds so tall we were pretty sure a homeless person had built himself a studio apartment beneath them. So Aaron worked so hard outside, then came inside and cleaned and cleaned. He did laundry and dishes while I went to a bridal shower, and took care of babies. I feel grateful to be married to him. So grateful.

Oh and also... we let Abigail cry it out... and she's already sleeping through the night. One night of crying, 2 nights of 10 hours of sleep. Bliss. :)

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