Christmas came early!

Okay so this has been just the greatest day.

First of all, Olivia and I went to our last baby lap-sit at the library. (Quite possibly the last one ever since they are cutting many programs in Mesa because of budget stuff.) I love our library time. The lady who does this is seriously amazing, and we have so much fun with other mommies.

Then she took a great nap in the afternoon. Aaron watched her while I went to piano lessons. Blissful.

Then Aaron got his hair cut, and he looks absolutely wonderful.

And then to just put icing on this wonderful day... We got the best package from my mom. It was full of the cutest clothes for Olivia. Two pairs of shoes. Three pairs of stockings. A dress. Jeans. PJ's. Candles that spell her name. Cute skirt, a couple onsies. Pants. Aaaand my mom's Old Navy card... because I'm that spoiled.

So the real kicker. I went to Old Navy tonight. While Aaron watched O again. (Isn't he the best??) And I finally found the perfect pair of jeans. They actually fit!! And they're a size smaller than what I have been wearing. So I also got a couple shirts and accessories :)

And then they asked for ID! Which I didn't have bc it's my mom's card... but the guy said the signatures were identical so it was okay LOL!

Ahhh now it's time to say goodnight to the most wonderful of days.


Jill said...

I just lived vicariously through your happy day! It was good for me so Im sure it was GREAT for you!

LG said...

Hahaha sounds great!!!
That pants story reminds me of a game Emily & I used to play...I'd say guess what size these jeans are, and she'd guess some absurd # like 78, and then I'd be like, NO THEY'RE A 5!!!" and it would make it sound so much smaller in comparison.

Whatever works!

Sarah W. said...

I want to go shopping! Can I use your mom's card too!?! j/k
Thanks for the story... I cherish days of just ME time too! its miraculous!!