Election Day! (But this post has nothing to do with politics!)


Last night Olivia fell asleep around 7:30. And then did not wake up until 7:30 AM! Yes, that's 12 hours solid. To make it even better, I had taken some Tylenol PM for a headache soon after she fell asleep so I slept like a rock for probably 8, or 9 hours.

I am not kidding at all when I say that it's quite possibly been a year or more since I last slept that long without waking up. It felt BEAUTIFUL.

In sadder news, my poor baby is still sick. She is coughing and nose is runny and she had a slight fever again today. I am really getting sick of this, and am praying for another good night's rest and hopefully a healthier baby in the morning.

Oh and one fun thing she is starting to do is to be able to stand all on her own. She walks every where holding onto the couch, table, whatever. Today she let go and just stood there for like 5 seconds. Until she saw something she wanted and reached for it and fell right on her belly.

So that's really all that's new around here. Oh I did plant a garden with the help of my most amazing wonderful husband who sacrificed a tendon in his foot for the project. We have broccoli, jalapenos, lettuce and strawberries growing (and quite a few weeds).

There are still lots of projects to get done around the house. This week I want to finish Olivia's room. This will include patching some drywall, painting, moving furniture, hanging some cute wall decorations, and putting a curtain up over the closet since the doors are broken.

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One BIG HAPPY Family said...

Try placing something round in her hands when she gets a little more steady on her feet. This will allow her to think that she is "holding" on to something and give the confidence to walk. I use it for all my kids. :)