8 months!

So Olivia has been 8 months old for a couple days now. But here are some recent pictures and activities:

Aaron brought her home this toy that she can push and walk. She's pretty good on it, on the carpet, the tile she falls right down. But she can get around! We walk every day and lately Olivia has been trying to escape from her stroller. She screams like crazy when she's strapped in and has even huidini'ed herself out of the little harness.

Some stats:
She has two teeth.
Weighs 18.7 lbs.
Not sure on the length.
Sleeping pretty well still through the night.
Takes two wonderful glorious naps everyday, at least an hour each, usually more, occassionally less.
And like 30 something days until we are in NJ!
We have joined some playgroups where we meet once a week some other moms and babies. It's so nice to have something to do every week! Today is baby story time at the library, which I just love. And that's about all we've been up to lately.


Anonymous said...

yeah its time to start the countdown. can't wait to see you. we miss you so much. hey I forgot my user name but anyway I bet you can guess who this is.

Anonymous said...


<3 swiney

Emily said...

Yay NJ! I can't wait to see you guys! Call me when you get here please!