Funny faces, etc.

Aaron still hasn't put his tools away from installing our pool fence. (Did I mention we now have a pool fence? YAY for that, and for a hand hubby who was able to do it with some help from his dad and brother!) So Olivia has decided this tool box is a perfect place to play, and potty (yes, she peed in the tool box). Here she's feeding her baby a drill bit.This is one of the many funny faces of Olivia. She loves to make people laugh and smile and she knows this face usually gets me to laugh. I'll try to catch some others on camera.

So lately we've been having fun around here. Swimming in the mornings, errands in the afternoon, sometimes swimming again. Sometimes we watch a video, the favorite on rotation right now is a Disney Sing-Along that has the 7 Dwarfs and their HiHo song. Olivia calls the video "IDo" which is how she says HiHo. She sings the song randomly throughout the day and it cracks me up.


Jill said...

Hey- call or text us next time you swim at Grandpa's pool. We want to come and play!

Aimee said...

Feeding her baby a drill bit...lol..I cracked up when I read that!