Our family fun day!

So Aaron had off from work today, and we certainly made the most of it. I have been slacking at updating this blog, sorry fam.

But this morning we went out to breakfast at the Farmhouse in Gilbert. So yummy. Olivia was so good at breakfast. She liked saying hi and waving to everyone. Then we played in some fountains outside the resturant. It was actually gorgeous out. There was a slight breeze and it was probably about 80. Perfect. Then we went to Once Upon A Child, which is a store that sells gently used kids items, and they have some new stuff too. We went to get a portable potty seat for Olivia. She has been doing great on the potty, but when we're out and she tells me she has to go she won't sit on the big one with me holding her. It freaks her out, and I don't really blame her. So I found this kind that folds up into fours that I can fit in my purse and take with us. Then we came home and took naps. Olivia only slept for 45 minutes! I guess she knew it was family fun day and didn't want to miss out. Then we went shopping and got some groceries and some big girl underwears for Olivia! Tomorrow I am going to put her in them and see how we do. At home with no diaper on she has been pretty accident free for the past two days. So we will see how it goes.

Then we finished the day swimming and grilling with our friends Mike and Jessica and their baby. It was a lot of fun. Olivia loves showing off in the water.

And I love bragging about Olivia :) She probably adds a new word or expression to her vocab every day. Some of the latest include, "Wow!" "Ewwww!" "Ooooh petty!" I'd feel safe saying she has about 30 words she uses, but I haven't really sat down and counted. She also started doing hand motions for songs we sing together. She has Itsy Bitsy Spider down pat, and most all of Popcorn Popping. I love watching her do these things. It's so fun.

Although with all the new funness... she also become a little naughty! She started hitting, and pinching faces. She does it mostly when she's tired and angry. But still... where do they even learn to hit?? It has been no fun to have to start disciplining.

Anyway, it has been a great day and now I am beyond ready for bed. As fas as this pregnancy goes I seriously feel fine. I feel the baby moving around lots now which is fun. Aaron even felt a little something the other night. Can't believe it's half way done... but I know this second half feels twice as long as the first. =)

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lrbodine said...

What a fun day! And I'm jealous that she is so close to potty training - Ellie has regressed completely in that area. And I am a weird one that thinks the second half of pregnancy goes so fast! Probably because I feel good again. The first part takes forever when I'm throwing up 24/7!