What a day

So today was pretty hectic and I just feel like writing about it.

We start every day by swimming with cousins at Grandpa's. It's just great to have somewhere to get up and go to every day. So we went and did swim for our usual hour. Then I we came home showered, got changed, and I had to bring beans to the church for missionaries. So while I was making the beans I let Olivia eat an oreo. Not a good combo for right after showers. Those suckers are messy! But by the time the beans were done there was no time to try to clean Olivia, and we were just running to the church anyway. When I got there I couldn't find where to drop off the beans. So I'm toting around an oreo covered 1 year old, and a rather large crockpot of beans, meanwhile the shirt I'm wearing kept riding up but I couldn't pull it down with my hands full. So finally I found someone to take the beans, and as I got back in the car I glanced in my rearview mirror. I had beans in my hair, and oreo mess all over anywhere Olivia had touched. And I'm sure when I found whoever I gave my beans to my big prego belly was sticking out of my shirt. What a sight!

So we come home, clean up ourselves again, and it's nap time! So while O sleeps I scrub toilets, do laundry, unload the dishwasher...and not 35 minutes go by and she wakes up. Uughhh! So we have a calm lunch, but then it dawns on me that I haven't mailed my father's day cards yet. So I need to go to the post office because I have a package and no stamps. So that's always a fun activity with a cranky baby.

And then I got home, and my friends came over with their kids. It was a lot of fun, but at one point today there were 5 children in this house! All under the age of 4. Fun times. I watched my friend Aimee's two girls for a few hours. It was actually a lot of fun. I could just fast forward 3 years and picture this. In the 3 hours they were here we played house, ate dinner, looked under rocks for worms, found different leaves, picked up some sticks, found some ducks, got some bread to feed the ducks, collected some shells, walked home, played some more, and finally watched a movie while the youngest 2 fell asleep. That was 3 hours! Some day that will be all day. And I'll have to get up and do it again..and again.. but honestly at the end of the day I am so happy. So I guess that's why I wanted to blog about it. It will be fun to read when this actually is my life every day.


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