18 months old!... and 33 weeks.

Not much to report pregnancy wise. For some reason my hips have been hurting every time I stand up... not sure about that.

Olivia's had a couple cranky days. I just run out of ways to entertain her by the afternoon. Our mornings we go out somewhere... anywhere. Some days its Petco to see the kitens the fish. Other times it's just grocery shopping all over creation to find the best deals. Today will probably be the library. But then in the afternoon it's just too hot to get into the hot car again so we try to stay in, and by 6:00 Olivia is going nuts. Can't wait for the cooler weather to get here! But good news, she's pretty much potty trained. She just about always tells us when she has to go. I've been even leaving her in underwear when we venture out in the mornings. I was putting her in a diaper sometimes, and if she told me she had to pee it was easier to just kind of ignore her or tell her it's okay... so I felt like I was DE-potty training her, which of course no one wants to do, LOL.

She is 18 months today. What could I say about Olivia? She's extremely strong willed, and throws fits that make me worry about when she's 18 years old! Otter pops are def the favorite treat around here. She uses some little sentences. She does the motions for songs like itsy bitsy spider, and wheels on the bus, popcorn popping, etc. She really loves listening to pirates, the Yoho song whenever we're in the car. I pretty much think she's the smartest, cutest little girl in this world... even when she's trying my patience. :)

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michele said...

I agree 110% my granddaughter is the smartest, cutest baby in the world and I can't wait to see you all!