Adventures at the zoo

So I don't have any pictures to add, but a funny story anyway.

This month the Phoenix Zoo is free on Weds with your Fry's VIP card (that's the grocery store out here..). So all month I have been thinking we would go, but each week it has been hot and I just don't feel like going. Well this morning Olivia woke up earlier than usual and I thought it'd be fun since it was so early it wouldn't be too hot. Wrong! It was so muggy and humid today too. Anyway, I didn't pack the good stroller, just our umbrella one... that was my first mistake. There is some rough terrain at that zoo. And I forgot water bottles. Olivia had some milk in a sippy cup, but I had nothing. The zoo was being torn up for a water main thing... the signs were all kind of screwy because they were digging up some of the paths. I just wanted to find the petting zoo since that seemed like the most fun. I got lost so many times trying to find the stinking petting zoo! And it wasn't even along a path where we could see anything interesting. Mostly construction stuff. In fact at one point I unknowingly entered a construction zone, and I swear I walked a mile before someone stopped me and told me this path didn't lead anywhere and should have been roped off. So I turn back around and finally ask someone to point me in the direction of the stinkin petting zoo. By the time we find it I am seriously soaked in sweat and soooo thirsty. There's a drinking fountain, great! I go to get a drink, and nothing comes out. Working on that water main remember. So whatever, I'll pay $10 for a bottle of water at this point I don't care. I find a vending machine... OUT OF ORDER! I find a little stand... CLOSED. Ugh. Okay I'll suffer, and let Olivia go play with the goats. She had a great time chasing them and petting them and brushing them. And then one of the goats was pooping, and what can be more fascinating than that? Olivia was like, "Oh no! No no! No no!" trying to tell the goat to go on the potty not on the floor. Then she got a little too close and the goat peed on her foot. And all she kept saying the rest of the time was pee! And I so I want to wash her foot off... but of course there's no water. So I decide at that point we've had enough of the zoo and we'd go home and get some water. Of course trying to find the exit is just as difficult as trying to find the petting zoo in the first place. We get lost again a few times. It's even hotter, and I'm even sweatier. But eventually we made it home. And we saw monkeys and birds and ducks along the way.

All that was before 9am.

Olivia is still talking about the pee.

I'm drinking gallons of water.

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