Week 32 and more potty training update

So I'm starting to get really uncomfortable! I feel like this baby is so low, but at the same time she's in my ribs. I can't really get comfy no matter how I sit, or lay, or stand etc. And only 8 weeks left... lol. But I really do enjoy being pregnant. It's just such a miracle. Knowing there's really a little baby growing in there. And I keep reminding myself, she's a lot easier to take care of when she's in there.

Potty training has been getting a lot a better. Just for my own here's a run down of today, which was a pretty typical day.

7 - wake up, she was already poopy. But peed on the potty
8:30ish - first accident, should have put her on the potty again before getting her dressed.
9-10:30 went out, and she stayed dry the entire time. Put her in a diaper for nap.
11:30-12:30 nap, woke up poopy again.
1:00 - another accident, again I probably should have put her on the potty before getting her dressed. I'll learn someday lol.
2:30 - Peed on the potty!
4:00 - Told me, "peepee mama!" and we made it to the potty in time!
5:00 - Again, "peepee mama!" and again we made it!
7:00 - Getting ready for bed, peed on the potty again!

She does poop on the potty, but I think she def prefers to do that in the diaper, considering both times she had a diaper on today she pooped in it. But she's pooped on the potty more times than I can count, so I know she will, just a matter of timing. So we've done okay going out. If it's going to be long, I just put her in a diaper. Tomorrow I am going to work and Aaron's mom is going to watch her, and I think I'll just put her in a diaper because I don't expect anyone else to go through what I do! Then when I get home I'll put her back in undies. I know it seems crazy potty training my almost 18 month old, but I think I'll be glad I did it. She's a lot less stubborn now than she'll be next year. There's no power struggle this way. She loves to make me happy. No stickers, candies, or rewards. Just praise, modeling, and cleaning up lots of accidents, and lots of laundry. I also keep thinking of how much money I'm saving us, if she's only using diapers to sleep by the time this baby is born.

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