So this will have to be my last post about potty training, as I'm sure everyone's done hearing about and I'm pretty much done talking about it. But I think we are officially there. Today we went out to a Karate studio promotion thing where there was lots of fun and playing and running around, we were there for a little over an hour, then we went to Basha's, and she stayed dry the entire time! Then after her nap we went to the museum for 2 hours, and to Goodwill for a few minutes, and again stayed dry. She even peed at the museum on the potty twice! So I'm sure we'll still have accidents... so far today we are accident free and it's 5:10!

*UPDATE @ 5:15 - Olivia peed her pants while I was typing this. LOL, I thought I heard her say pee, but then hoped it was bee because I didn't feel like getting up. Guess I can only blame myself on that one. LOL

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