5 months old!

I love this picture because I think it helps show big Abigail is!
Love this smile!

So Abigail is 5 months old and just over 20lbs! She's such a happy wonderful baby. I could not have asked for better. She is rolling all over the place now. She doesn't try to crawl at all, just haphazardly roll around until she bumps into something interesting. I haven't been consistent with baby food yet. Waiting more until 6 months to really start. I started at like 4 months with Olivia and we had some issues with constipation and not sleeping as well... so I'm taking my time with this one. But she's starting to seem interested. When we're eating she usually starts fussing until I give her a spoon to play with.

We still haven't made a decision. Aaron wants to be 100% sure he's accepted to LECOM before we decide. Which makes sense. 99 yards isn't a touchdown type thing. Plus we have General Conference this week, which will be a great time to pray and hopefully receive some divine inspiration in all this.

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Kate said...

Laur, I think if we look at a pic of you and me together when you were a baby and put it next to the olivia and abigail pic, it would look the same. i think you were taller than me by the time you were 3. it is so crazy how abigail is such a mini you.