Some mental pictures for you.

The other day I took the 2 kids I babysit to the park.  So 4 kids.  One stroller that seats 2, but I loaded 3 in there.  Then the 4 year old's legs got tired so he went on my shoulders.  I walked like this for a half mile to the park near my house.  Just so you can visualize I am pushing a stroller with a 20lb baby in the back, a 30 lb toddler in the front, and another 30 lb toddler sitting on the snack tray in the middle.  Don't forget the 4 year old on my shoulders.

Here's another one for you...

  Me walking into Chik-Fil-A holding Abigail on my hip, and Olivia's hand.  Olivia throws fit in the doorway, she doesn't want to go there anymore.  I'm trying to get her to at least walk in, and the door closes on her little pinky finger.  Cue loudest screaming you have ever heard.  I quickly open the door and pick her up, so now two crying kids in my arms.  Lots of stares.  I mean, her scream peirced my ear drums.  A worker brought us a bag of ice and an ice cream cone, which Olivia promptly threw at him.  We left with nothing but a swollen finger.  (Which isn't broken by the way, just sore.)

More of these occur on a daily basis, I'll try to capture them more often.


lrbodine said...

Sounds like the typical day in a life of a mom with 2 little kids! Thanks for making me feel like I'm not alone. Although taking 4 kids to the park makes you a super woman!

Liz said...

Ok sorry, I just did get a mental pic of what O's face must have looked like when she threw the ice cream cone at the guy and had a fantastic laugh over it... hahahahaha! I can only imagine how bad her finger must have hurt to have her throw away ice cream!!!! Poor girl!