On the move

Abigail started crawling this week.  Not really up on all fours kinda crawling, but pulling herself all around like a wounded soldier.  That combined with rolling, gets her pretty much anywhere she wants to go.  And where would she like to go?  The closest thing made out of paper usually attracts her the most.  And she will eat it if you're not watching, she'll devour entire pages of a book or Avon catalog, whatever's laying around.  If there's nothing of the paper variety laying around she'll find wires of any sort and munch on those.  She also finds herself being 'eaten' by the couch a few times a day.  (Rolling under the couch and all we can see is her little head sticking out!)

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lrbodine said...

I think they talk to each other.... Chloe's favorite thing to eat is paper!