Abigail's crankiness.

I shouldn't complain.  Her entire (5 months) life she has been the sweetest little baby.  She lets me put her down , and do whatever I want/need to get done.  She fusses when she's tired or hungry and that's about it.  Until this last Weds.  She was crying, even when I was holding her.  She was crying even after she just ate.  She was crying even when she just ate AND just woke up.  I guess it could be teething.  I don't know.  But she is miserable.  Thus making the rest of us miserable.  Today seems a bit better, but it is only 8:30.  She gives me a few minutes here and there, but most of the day if she's not nursing or sleeping she's crying.  So by Friday I had pretty much lost my mind.  Aaron has been taking care of us so well all weekend.  Friday night he took the kids so I could go out all by myself.  It was lovely to just talk to other adults and not have kids to worry about.  Then the next day I again went out all by myself, going to get my nails done, but on my way got a call from a friend in need so decided how selfish would I be if I went to get my nails done when someone needed my help.  Service recharges my batteries more than pedicures anyway.  So that was nice.  Then I got home and Aaron and I went on a lovely date.  I love dates with my husband.  I feel recharged and ready for another week.  I just hope that Abigail's crankiness subsides so that by next weekend I won't feel so burnt out.


lrbodine said...

Chloe has been more fussy than normal and I couldn't figure out why. I didn't think it was teething since Ellie didn't get her first tooth until she was 10 months... but yesterday I found the start of a tooth! I was happy since the last 2 weeks haven't been easy with Chloe and I couldn't figure out where my sweet and super easy baby went.

Jamie said...

I'm so sorry! My sweet little angel was super cranky too a couple of weeks ago. She was getting all four molars at once. Thank heavens that is over!! The good news is they return to their sweet little selves. :)