Double Date Funness

Tonight we went on a double with Aaron's cousin, and my good friend Christie, and her husband Ty. We went to Chino Bandido Takee Outtee, you can watch the video of it on Diners, Drives and Dives here. It's a mixture of Mexican and Chinese food, and a hint of Caribbean. It was actually really, really good. They let you try a bunch of samples if you've never been there before so you can actually have an idea of what you're ordering. Loved that. We stuffed ourselves, then came home and stuffed ourselves some more with ice cream, and played video games. Too bad we realize how much fun double dates are less than 2 weeks before we're leaving.

Excuse me while I freak out a minute. LESS THAN 2 WEEKS UNTIL WE MOVE!

Emotions right now... overwhelmed, sad, excited, anxious, did I mention overwhelmed? It's just when I think about leaving I start to realize all the things and people I'm going to miss. But then I'm also excited for the adventure of meeting new people, and being a lot closer to my family and all that fun stuff. But there's still a lot of packing left to do. And a really long plane ride to dread.

But I'm going to miss Mexican food. Bahama Bucks. Mimi's. Sonic. Grandpa's pool. Friends. Porter Park Ward. Citrus trees. Fresh and Easy. Sprouts. Blue skies every day. Monsoons. Smell of rain. Opie family. And lots more. And I'm sure when we're done in PA I'll have a list of things that I'll miss there.

TWO WEEKS!! I really should be packing.

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lrbodine said...

I can't believe you are moving so soon! It'll be an adventure for sure. We should try the museum before you move if you have the time!