4th of July and such

We got away from the heat for a few days and went up to Christopher Creek. It was so nice! Olivia caught her first fish. Aaron cast it, and helped her hold it until she got a bite, but she reeled it in all by herself. I wasn't there, but got to hear all about it. We played in the dirt. Watched my favorite firework show of all time up in Heber. One thing we didn't do was sleep. Well at least not lots of it. My kids sleep pretty great in their own beds, and I'm grateful for that, but anywhere else forget about it. But other than lack of sleep it was a great trip. Now we're in the final stretch before we move. Lots to do.

Oh and Abigail is 8 months! She has 1 tooth. She says "Dadadada" and if you ask where's Dada she will look right at Aaron. She also waves hi. She pulls herself up on everything, and if it moves she'll "walk" around pushing whatever it is. She loves her sister more than anyone. Their relationship is already a volatile one. Olivia tries to boss Abigail around, and Ab's is already not taking it. Right now Olivia is on one side of her toy door thing, and Abigail is on the other side trying to play too, and Olivia is telling her no she needs a key, she can't play, and Abigail is just yelling at her. In fact I better go mediate this one. I can only imagine what the next few years will be.

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