This is life with a 2 year old

Olivia just walked up to me wearing nothing but sunglasses and flip flops (or "clip clops" as they're called around this house) carrying a teenie tiny basket of teenie tiny plastic fruits and vegetables. Then the dialog went like this:

O - "Mom, I'm just picking carrots and apples."
Me - "Oh can I have one?"
O - "Uhm, no you can have a peach. A mushy one."
Me - "Oh no thank you I don't like mushy peaches.'
O - "No they're apples!"
Me - "Okay.
O - "No they're peaches."
Me - "Okay."
O - "No they're just lemons. And they're gross."
Me - "You're silly.'
O - "I'm just pretending. I'm being a boy."

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