Abigail is cute.

So I need to do a post with pictures of her. But here is just some of her latest cute tricks.

Shaking her head yes and no in response to questions. Ask her if she wants to go night night and she will shake her head yes or no. Girl loves her sleep, she will actually respond yes a lot of the time! (Very different from her sister who will never admit she's tired, and never willingly go to sleep!)

She can make it up 2 flights of stairs in less than 30 seconds. She's insanely fast on those things.

When singing the "Never Smile at a Crocodile" song, she roars and makes Olivia scream.

She gives the best kisses, and does so on demand.

She takes two wonderful naps every day. Still goes to bed easily at night too.

She can stand up on her own, without even pulling herself up on anything. I'm sure actual walking will start soon.

She still prefers to crawl, than even try to walk. And she loves to be chased, and makes this hilarious fake screaming sound.

She can say mama, dada, hi, nana, and sign milk.

....And as I speak she's making a huge mess, so I need get to that. Maybe one day I'll blog about my two week (ish) adventure in NJ.

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