Do all 2 year olds act like this?

Olivia throws a fit like no other. She seriously loses control and just goes nuts. Screaming, flailing, hitting, and it's hard to snap her out of it. And anything can trigger it. Tonight she had a rash on her bottom, and I asked Aaron to put a little A & D ointment on it before putting her diaper on. She acted like it was pure acid we were applying. I'm sure the screams were heard throughout our entire apartment complex. After about 20 minutes she was smiling and happy again.

I can't wait for this stage to be over.

In other news, I'm still fat. But I hate the scale at Jazzercise. I think I am going to invest in my own new scale tomorrow. According to their scale I am 229. TWO POUNDS HEAVIER! BLAH. But I am not discouraged. I have gone to Jazzercise almost every day this week. I took off on Thursday. I am also going to go tomorrow. I think. I have been eating... okay. Not super great, but just trying to be balanced. I guess I need to put a little more effort there. I know it's a process. (I write this while licking Chunky Monkey from my fingers...) My goal is 20lbs by Christmas. Totally do-able right? I'll keep ya posted. Just reread this, and think I better clarify, that is DOWN 20lbs by Christmas... not the direction I'm currently going :)

In other, other news. Aaron is great. Seriously. I don't know if I blog about it enough, but I love him a lot. Tonight I asked him what are 3 things about me that bug him. And he pretended like he had to think really hard to come up with them. Then it really pained him to tell me. I won't tell you what they are.. .because they're true. And when he reads this he'll say he wasn't pretending. I feel really blessed to be married to him and excited for the rest of our life together. (Enough cheese for ya?)


melmck said...

I just love that you don't just exercise, you Jazzercise! I'd like to learn some of those sweet moves.

Jill said...

1 pound a week. That's a realistic goal. I have a suggestion: start something new with your diet each week. Instead of just a general "I'm going to eat better", every Sunday give yourself a specific goal for that week. It only takes 4-5 days for it to become a habit and then you add another specific step the next Sunday. So this week, dont eat anything that has more than 8 grams of sugar. Look at the ingredients of the things in your house and if they have more than 8 grams of sugar, PUT THEM IN THE GARBAGE! Dont say, "I wont eat them", PUT THEM IN THE GARBAGE. I'll do it with you. This is our week to limit sugar. We'll report back to each other in one week!


I got your text. I'm not well but I'm better. Thanks!

Jill said...

One more suggestion: Dont weigh yourself every week. It's disheartening at the beginning cuz you are working hard and not seeing the numbers move. Ignore the scale for 1 month. A WHOLE MONTH! Just feel satisfaction in how often you work out, how you (and your body) feel after exercising, and the baby steps you make in eating healthier.

Then at the end of the month, you'll have a pleasant surprise on the scale instead of a month's full of disappointments.

Lauren said...

Thanks Jill... okay I'll have to start tomorrow since I just ate a Klondike bar! I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL! They were calling to me. Yesterday was supposed to be my only cheat day... but okay tomorrow nothing over 8 grams of sugar. Sounds good. I'll let ya know. And glad you're a bit better. I was thinking tonight I wish I could bring you dinner. I guess if it's the thought that counts, then that totally counts and I hoped you enjoyed the thought of home made chicken soup and biscuits.