Dreary Erie

Today I woke up to thunder and rain. My throat hurt and body ached (getting back into the swing of Jazzercise). But little children needed me so I got out of bed. And that's about it. Breakfast was cottage cheese for Abigail, and a banana for Olivia. Then we watched too much TV. Abigail took a nap. Olivia and I watched more TV. Then got an itch to bake a cake. We made the most delicious chocolate cake, with fresh cut strawberries in the center, homemade cream cheese frosting, with semisweet chocolate chips, and more fresh strawberries on top. We each ate a piece for lunch. And watched more TV.

I have a lot of cleaning to do around here. I'm being incredibly lazy today. Tomorrow I'll do better. I need to get things back in order. I was doing SO good at staying on top of housework... and then we went to NJ, and I think I left my motivation there.

Funny Olivia story of the day: "Mom, tell me a story about when I was a little baby. My other mommy told me dat story." Me - "You're other mommy?" Olivia - "Yeah don't you remember her? She was just like you! You're the old Mommy. She was a little Mommy. Do you remember her? When I was a little baby, Mom? Do you remember dat?"

It's funny, I could elaborate for an entire post about how I feel about that comment. I do feel like a different Mommy, from the time Olivia was born until now.

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