Okay so I know I said I wouldn't weigh myself for a month.. but this morning curiosity got the best of me. I GAINED 2 MORE POUNDS!

Okay for reals, I'm not weighing myself again until October 28th. It's kind of inexplicable to me that I'm gaining like a pound a week.

What I ate yesterday:
Whole wheat roll with a little bit of butter for breakfast
Whole wheat roll with slice of cheese for lunch. Also grilled chicken breast and some broccoli.
Navy bean soup with low fat sausage, I started making for dinner, picked on a bit while cooking, but wasn't done at dinner time so we went to PaneraBread and I got a salad with balsamic vinaigrette and whole wheat roll, and broccoli cheese soup.

*edited to add.. I also made homemade Applesauce yesterday, which I snacked on between meals. I probably had a couple servings of that.

I know I could have made some better choices, but seriously, I've eaten like this (worse than this) my whole life, and I didn't pack on the pounds like this.

I'm going to start writing down everything I eat. I know that helps. I'm frustrated, but still hopeful. Not giving up, just working hard. But still BLAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Ashley said...

Hang in there! There's a site I really love that has a REALLY good calorie counter. It's http://www.myfitnesspal.com

Jamie said...

That seriously stinks! Have you made an appointment for your IUD? That might be causing some problems.

Lauren said...

Jamie, YES Oct 12th. Counting down the days. And I totally think it has something to do with it, so we'll see.

And Ashley, I made a profile on myfitnesspal. Are you on there? Be my friend!

Kimberly said...

Lauren, Don't beat yourself up! I've been doing Jenny Craig since January. I lost 18 pounds - then this summer I gained back 5 pounds. Everytime I went in, I use up 1/2 to 1 pound a week.
Your body is adjusting to itself.
Writing everything down does help. But you have to forgive yourself if you have one bad day!
I know you can do it!