I'm going to miss this?

Last night I was ripped from a peaceful sleep to the sound of, "MOOOOOOOOOM!!! MOOOOOOOOOOMM!!!! MOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!" I go running into her bedroom expecting some sort of disaster. Instead I'm greeted by two wide awake children, perfectly happy and fine. Olivia proceeds to ask me,"Uhhmm... Mom? Mommy?... uuhmmm.... when it's March can we have brownies and candy on my birthday?"

SERIOUSLY!!! And then they were thirsty. Which they probably were since we stopped serving beverages with dinner to cut back on bedwetting (which has helped btw). So got them each a small sip of water. And I can NOT fall back to sleep. I was awake for 3 hours after this. And I got to thinking, all those older ladies of grown kids who tell me I'm going to miss this must have some serious memory problems.

I promise you I am not going to miss:
 1:00am wake up calls
Children causing ruckusses anytime we leave the house (ruckusses I tell you!)
Getting a chunk of my shoulder bitten off by an insane 18 month old
Potty training
Wiping butts
Cleaning the same mess a million times a day
Being climbed all over and jumped on anytime I sit down
Taking at least 10 minutes to make any transition at all.

.... I could go on. I'm sure there is plenty I will miss about them being little. These things I will not. Plus more that I was able to think of at 3:00am but have now left my mind.

*I hope this post comes across as light hearted as I meant it. I do love my children and everything that comes along with them. Even all the crazy stuff... otherwise what else would I blog about?


Ashley said...

Dude, it's like infertile women who feel like they can't/shouldn't complain about pregnancy. Seriously, most of pregnancy just kinda SUCKS and it's none of that nasty stuff you want, it's the baby you get in exchange for it.

And once you get the baby, it's not any of the stuff you just mentioned that you WANT. That's just the price you pay to get the other stuff that rocks your world every single day.

Staci said...

o man so sorry well as long as you remember the brownies and candy in march your good to go:)

Geevz said...

Let's just pretend she is going to become a incredibly rich business woman and will buy you a mansion when she's an adult.

Just keep your eye on the mansion prize. It will be your trophy. Only if you don't kill her first though :)

And WHEN?! you move back to AZ, I have full intentions of being your friend in real life. I didn't realize this was in your life plan. I will put your name on the guest list for Shindig of the Decade 2013.