Our Random Silly Saturday

There were about 50 million yard sales in Erie today. We tried to go to about all of them. There were a few community ones we went to. We spent about $8 and got an HP printer/scanner/copier (working, with manuals), a play tea set, two strawberry shortcake dolls, stuffed animals, a winter carseat cover thingy, and one of those viewfinder toys with a bunch of little disc things to put into it. I had one as a kid and I LOVED it! I'm so glad Olivia has one. Oh and one random detail I don't want to forget. The girls have this boa that I think Olivia got for her birthday. Abigail is now obsessed with it. She wore it all around the yard sales. A pink feather boa. It was adorable. Anyway... after the yard sale the kids were pretty much done. Tired, thirsty and grumpy. So we came home for some juice and potty. I had really wanted to go to the Zoo Parade today. But we spent too much time at the yard sales. When I was reading about the parade, though I saw some department store downtown by the parade was celebrating it's 125th anniversary. I thought that was pretty awesome that a store has been around and in the same family for 125 years! And they were giving away free lunch to celebrate. Aaron really didn't want to go. And once we got there he really didn't want to get out of the car. It was a bunch of really old people sitting around picnic tables in the back of the store... people that can probably remember the day the store opened (okay I know not really, but probably close!). But I made us go anyway. And I'm glad we did. Free hot dogs, soda, and popcorn. And it was beautiful weather. It was nice to just sit outside... in lovely downtown Erie. Surrounded by the locals. ;)

Oh and all this was after we went to Old Navy before 7:00am. That little adventure was just the girls and I. All in our pajamas. It was pretty crazy. At least a few people were running to bins they had set up for sizes. Olivia was like, "Mom those people are running! We need to run too!" It was total mob mentality. She started going crazy grabbing flip-flops like a mad woman. It wasn't nearly that crazy, but she was having fun. There was a limit for 5 per customer so I got 2 pairs for myself, 2 for Liv, and 1 for Aaron. Then I felt bad and got Abigail her own pair that wasn't part of the sale, but still only like $2 or something. And they were giving away fruity pebble bars. Just adding to the randomness. So that was breakfast.

Olivia and Abigail also like to pretend they are dogs lately. In the car Olivia started calling Abigail, Alfred. Apparently that's Abigail's dog name. Olivia's is Martha. And right now Olivia is playing with the dolls pretending they are on the jungle cruise at Disneyland.


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