never quite thought about it that way

"Mom some day I want to marry a boy. Because boys are so cool. They can just pee anywhere they want. They can pee on the ground... on a tree... I want to marry a boy."

Hopefully her standards come up a bit with time.


Ashley said...

My husband says that maybe she'll change her mind/raise her standards when she realizes that boys also pee on toilet seats.

This totally made our day.

Liz said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I was laughing at the story, and then laughing harder at Ashley's comment. HAHAHA! That Olivia!

Staci said...

o she is so awesome i would totally be ok with her marryin one of my boys that pee anywhere:)

rjanet said...

That is too cute!

Lindsay and Bobbie Brotherson said...

So cute! Sadly, I think both my boys dropped their pants in front of everyone at the BBQ. I gotta admit it sucks that they can just pee anywhere and us girls have to be all ladylike!! I totally agree with her.

Kimberly said...

Well it is a start.
Step #1: want to marry a boy!
Step #2: find a boy to marry!

I'm still on step 2, but with my luck, Olivia will complete step 2 before I do!