sleep deprivation and motherhood

Olivia wets the bed like every single night. I am determined to be more diligent about doing something about it. Tonight I realized I basically reward her every time she does it. I come in, change her sheets, lay with her for a few minutes and then sneak out. Well hello! She definitely knows what she's doing. So now we'll try limiting her liquids after 5:00. And I'm going to wake her up and take her to the bathroom before I go to bed. And hopefully that will fix it.

Because right now it's 3:30 am. And I fell asleep after midnight because I couldn't fall asleep last night. I know the kids will be up by 7. I hate nights like this. I can't even tell you how grumpy it makes me.

And another thing that makes me grumpy... Erie's weather forecast. http://www.wunderground.com/US/PA/Erie.html

It will disgust. There is a little dark rain cloud every SINGLE day as far as you can see. With highs in numbers like the 50's. Honestly, this is MAY! It's been raining since Sunday, which isn't even that long... and it's already wearing on me. Today it was like 43 degrees. That's just crazy! It will be June in like 2 weeks. We did have a few nice days, and I'm glad we made the most of them... I just miss AZ in times like these. 100 degrees sounds really nice about now. Nothing a hose and an otter pop can't fix.

Alright let's see if I can squeeze a couple more hours of sleep in before my day really has to begin.


Staci said...

o man sorry that is no fun ya im with you on the weather sooo ghetto seriously right when i put the winter clothes away we have to turn the heater back on

Geevz said...

LAME about the bedwetting! I think your plan sounds like a good one.

Glad you liked your present! I made the cranes with the girl in mind :)

Liz said...

It's not even going to be 80 today!!!!!