Baby math

A typical pregnancy lasts about 280 days. I am currently 207 days into this pregnancy. 280+280+207 = 767 (someone check my math please). 767 days of being pregnant. Doesn't that sound like an awful lot?

Anyway I can't believe I only have approximately 73 days left... or whatever it is. That doesn't seem like enough time to figure out where we're going to put this little guy once he's here. With Olivia I was really all about the nursery. I loved decorating it and having it all ready for her. I had to have the crib all set up (which she didn't sleep in until she was 3 or 4 months or something) and the pack and play, I was a wreck about making sure that was set up in our room. And then she slept in the nursery for like a month or something before we moved to our house. Then there's poor Abigail who slept in our room for only a few weeks before I moved her into the hallway because she was just a loud baby. She wasn't crying, just grunting, cooing, etc. I didn't want to put her in her room yet, but I couldn't sleep with her in the same room as me... so she slept in the hall way in a little bouncer thing. Eventually we put her into a crib... which was shoved into our spare bedroom and didn't have a hint of cuteness. Once we got to PA the girls shared a room and it's been fabulous. It's semi-decorated.

And now we're thinking about where we are going to put this boy. The hallway really wasn't so bad for Abigail - but I really don't like having that as the plan. I mean it just doesn't sound right to tell people our plan is for our baby to sleep in the hallway. So we have a few options. Keep him in our room. Get bunk beds for the girls and put him in a crib in there with them. Or turn our wonderful playroom into a bedroom. For the girls. Or for Aaron and I. Or for the baby. One thing I have learned as I keep popping these babies out is that you really can't have much of a plan. Just go with the flow and do what works. So we'll figure it out eventually and in the mean time I won't worry too much about it.

If you're wondering I'm almost 30 weeks. I'm feeling fine.. just more like 40 weeks. I seriously feel huge and slow and so worn out by the end of each day. I feel like I should be done by now. But I know I still have a long road ahead of me so I'm pushing through. I really do feel great otherwise. Like no back pain, or any pain really. Besides being tired I really feel great. Trying to continue to exercise and eat healthy and do all that stuff that you don't really want to do, especially when you're pregnant, but should do more than ever. So I'm always working on it.


Geevz said...

I'm glad you are feeling good and have no pain, but still, being pregnant is so hard. I hope you continue to be in such good health.

I'm proud of you for not freaking out about where little brother is going to go. It's hard to just surrender to the fact that we really have no control over what is going to work. I don't suppose you have a little walk in closet for the peanut? That's where my friend's kid sleeps :)

Rebecca said...

The one thing I remember between my 3 kids is this: with the first two, I HAD to have the car seat and stroller combo, so I could carry the car seat around with me. You know, never move the baby. :) But, by the time I got to the third one, I just wanted a car seat for the car. I wasn't about to carry a baby around in a carrier and keep track of 2 little ones as well. I carried Nicholas around everywhere until he could sit up on his own and then I got a double stroller and would sit him up on top of it while the other 2 sat in the seats. I got stopped sooo many times because people loved my cool stroller. LOL. Then I would have to admit that I wasn't really supposed to let the baby sit on top of the carrier. If anyone every made a stroller like that, they could probably make millions. Haha!

Liz said...

Oh man... I was just re-reading this, and for some reason the Duggar family popped into my head... 19 kids and counting is it now??? and how many days that adds up to... holy moly. If I decide to have kids, I am seriously hoping for twins, so I only have 280... since I am only having two... IF I have any. hahaha. Yeah...