Olivia's diet.

Olivia eats the healthiest of anyone in our family. She just naturally wants to eat things that are good for her. I am jealous. Sweets just aren't really her thing. Today for lunch she had a leafy green salad with tomatoes and Italian dressing, and a Greek yogurt with fruit on the bottom, but she stopped eating it when she got to the fruit. So she ate plain greek yogurt.. eww I can't even stand the smell! And she washed it all down with her reliv. It makes me feel like I did something right that she really truly enjoys eating such healthy food.

Then I look at her sister... just licking the ketchup off her fingers, and eating a piece of bread.  And I realize it's not me.


Ashley said...

Yeah...we really can't take credit when our kids do awesome things, can we?

I'll try to keep that in mind the next time I have to drag Kendra out of someplace kicking and screaming...I can't take credit for the bad stuff either, right?

For the record, I happen to think you absolutely rock as a Mom. I seriously look up to you so much.

alliopie said...

It really is amazing how different kids are! My kids won't touch a salad or tomatoes - but they LOVE fruit and carrots. It's fun to see Olivia and Abigail and their differences.

Liz said...

Lately I have become a huge fan of greek yogurt... it is so good! I do have to have the fruit on the bottom though. I haven't been brave enough to try the honey one... but YUM! If we all ate like Olivia, we'd be much healthier!!

Lauren said...

Ashley - Thank you so much for your comment! You are too sweet. Totally made my day. And seriously, that's my motto - take no credit, take no blame. lol