Funny girls

So we were making this recipe this morning for chocolate chocolate chip cookies... they are SO good. And the dough is SO good. I gave each girl a spoon full of dough and Abigail looked up at me and said with her mouth full of delicious gooey goodness, "I uff oooo Mommy!" For those of you who don't speak Abigail, that translates to, "I love you Mommy." Which just cracked me up.

And then they started a band with wooden spoons and empty mixing bowls. And Olivia is totally into it. She gives them a count down and says, "Hit it girls!" Where the heck did she ever hear that! And now she's pretending her audience doesn't like her show, and is pretending to get hit with pretend tomatoes.  And Abigail is just playing along, screaming at appropriate times and running from tomatoes when Olivia says "Run for your whole life!"

While I type this I'm enjoying a performance by the band.... and Olivia is pounding away on her bowls and just asked me, "Mom do you recognize this song??" .... *crickets*.... Sorry honey. No, no I don't. And Abigail just stopped playing and stood up and took a bow and said, "Thank you... Thank you... great song!"

These kids crack me up.


Geevz said...

How much fun! It makes me look forward to when J can talk.

Staci said...

o how fun man i so wish i had some of that dough sounds tasty and love your girls they are super cute

Andy and Micah said...

too cute! Congrats on the new little one that will join your fam soon.