A simple time

This morning I was just realizing that life is really only going to get crazier. More kids, bigger kids, kids in school, and who knows what lie ahead of us. And some day I will look back at this time with just my two girls and Aaron in school, and I'll miss it.

Today I overheard Abigail asking Olivia if she was happy. It sounded something like this,
Abigail - "Happy, Yaya? Happy?'
Olivia - "Yes Aggigail."
Abigail - "Happy?? Yaya happy?"
Olivia - "YES! I'M HAPPY AGGAIL!!!" (starting to sound frustrated)
Abigail - "YAY!!!" And then she claps.

It was a sweet little moment and I was glad I got to hear it from the kitchen. And again I was just reminded how fast this time will pass. Of course there are the pros to them getting bigger. Like the fact that Olivia has grown so much she can reach the faucet by herself almost wherever we are. Gone are the days of having to pick her up, and balance her on my leg while turning on water, dispensing soap, etc. It's funny because she thinks the bathrooms are just getting smaller. She'll often exclaim, "MOM! Look! This sink is JUST MY SIZE!" It's things like that, and dressing herself, that make me happy she's growing up.

In other news... fall is upon us. I'm really not ready. I'm not sure what it is. Usually I LOVE fall. It gets me so excited and happy, and I just love it. Honestly this year I'm filled with dread because it seems like fall is just this short little respite before the long dreaded winter. And I want to avoid winter as long as possible. Even if it means I have to be pregnant forever I'll take it. I love not having to bundle my little ones up every time we leave the house. I love that they can run outside barefoot. I love playing outside without playing in snow. I love opening my windows and not freezing to death. I am so not ready to say goodbye to these things. So even if the calender says summer is over, and the leaves are changing colors, and the weather's getting consistently cooler, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier.... I'm going to ignore these things until October. Once October rolls around I'll come back to reality. For now I'm going hold onto summer just a little longer.

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alliopie said...

Good thing October is Saturday - I think you can hold onto your delusions for a week more :)