Tomorrow I turn 27. TWENTY-SEVEN! I have memories of telling people my mom was 27! How did I get to be as old as my mom??

I love birthdays. I wonder if I'll ever get old enough to dread my birthdays. But right now I'm excited to just have a super fun day with my little family.

And on birthday I always like to think about what I've done so far. I have a wonderful marriage based on faith, trust, friendship and love. I have two (soon to be three) amazing children. I have a BA degree in Special Education. I have my little blog that I've kept for 3+ years! And as of tomorrow I'll be the driver of a mini-van. With that I've pretty much accomplished everything I've ever wanted to do. Guess it's time to start dreaming a little bigger than driving a mini-van. Seriously that's all I've ever wanted in life. To be the owner of a mini-van. And to have enough little kiddo's to necessitate said van. Glad I'm married to a man who lives to make my dreams come true.  :)

Of course turning 27 just makes me think about how close I am to 30. That's like a biggie, right? Turning 30. So I'm going to make some long term goals. I hope by the time I'm 30 - I'm still updating this little blog. I hope we have a house. And a dog. And our mini-van. And I hope I'm in better shape physically, emotionally, and spiritually than I am today. That last one is kind of vague and immeasurable... but we'll see when we get there. Hopefully it will be obvious.


Rebecca said...

Birthdays are a great time to make goals. I think it's better than new year's. Good luck with yours. I think you've got a pretty good start.

Staci said...

Hey 30 isnt that old...haha no so glad you had a happy birthday and that your dreams are comin true:)