Okay I love fall again....

Live dressed up like... giraffe? at the zoo.

Giant fuzzy caterpillar
I am so tired. I wonder how many times I've typed that sentence since I started this blog? Anyway the weather has been gorgeous and fabulous and all sorts of wonderful the past few days. Which means I get this insane compulsive urge to spend every possible minute outdoors. We went to the zoo, and the park, and ate lunch outside, went hiking at Asbury Woods. My exhaustion doesn't matter when there's SUN to be soaked up. Can I build up Vitamin D and store it for winter? That's what I'm trying to do, as futile as it may be.

Also, why have I all of a sudden found a million things to love about Erie?? Asbury Woods is amazing. It is so beautiful and I can't believe we went all of last year without ever going there. And then there's Romolo's. Oh my heavens... I can not wait to go back there on a date tonight with my hubby. It is so lovely! And Wegmans. I so love Wegmans. And the zoo. We have been loving the zoo lately. And... this weather! I know I'll be singing a different tune in a month or so, but right now it is heavenly.

As far as this pregnancy, everything's been fine. Not much to report. Which is usually a good thing as far as pregnancy goes.  I can't believe how fast the time is going. December will be here before we know it!

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