I need to start carrying a camera around with me...

It's been a picture worth few days... and I don't have a picture to show for it. But I can still write about it, right? So my birthday was wonderful. Woke up to sunshine and healthy, happy children. Can't ask for much more than that! And then since it was sunny I decided to take the kids to Port Farms, even though Aaron wouldn't be able to come with me. That may have been a mistake. It was just exhausting running around all over with my two kids. But it was so much fun. Abigail even said, "dank oo mommy. best."  Which translates to "Thank you Mommy. You are the best!" Nothing beats hearing that from a little 1 year old mouth. So cute. And then we picked up our van! Which was also exhausting and crazy. But we still had fun, and we have a van! I am in heaven. Then we went to Outback. It was delicious. The kids were semi-well behaved. Minus the playing with the blinds because the moon was out (Abigail) and breaking a glass (Olivia). Oh and the head trauma right before we left was also fun (Abigail).

And then yesterday my wonderful friends here threw me a baby shower. It was so fun, and just perfect. It's always nice to feel loved. And this baby boy already has the cutest growing wardrobe. It was funny because it was a combined shower for me and another friend who was having a girl... so of course all of her gifts are super ooooohs and aaahs and ruffles and bows and dang girl stuff is just so cute! But boy stuff is new for me. I've had my fill of bows and frills and flowers. I'm so excited for these adorable little sweater vests, and khaki pants, and all that. I really am so grateful for all of the great people here. I really am in love with Erie right now.

I also can't believe how fast time is going. How many days until my due date??? Every time I look at that little ticker I have a mini heart attack.

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