Can being pregnant with a boy make me more hormonal than I was with my girls? I don't remember feeling this crazy when I was pregnant before. I seriously cried my eyes out a car commercial the other day. Today Aaron slept when I felt like he should have been awake... and I had a major melt down over it. I've been blessed that I've been able to sleep fairly well most of this pregnancy. Until lately. Ugh... laying down just hurts. My shoulders and my back hurt. I get contractions when I roll around too much. I get pins and needles if I lay still. I get heart burn if I'm too flat on my back... last night was a crappy night. The night before that was also fairly crappy. Today I gave my girls half a roll of toilet paper to keep them busy so I could eat my lunch in relative peace. Officially in survival mode.

I also hate not knowing how much longer I'll be pregnant. This part just drives me crazy. This is my third time doing it, you'd think I'd learn a way to just not think about it or something... but I haven't. I always try to keep my calender clear from 37 weeks+, just in case... I should probably do the opposite. Try to keep myself as busy as possible. Pretty sure people will understand if I have to cancel a playdate due to being in labor. Anyone want to come over and play???


Geevz said...

I hate the not knowing too. But I was in somewhat denial and kept scheduling things. I taught up to 2 days before I was induced and told my students "Have a great life!" every day for a couple weeks in case I never saw them again. :)

I laughed out loud at the toilet paper. I think I may give J a roll for Christmas

Rebecca said...

It seems to be that you get crankier right before you give birth, so I think you're close. I always hated the end too. I think God made it that way, so we don't mind the labor pains so much. We're just so grateful that all the other aches and pains will go away that we'll do ANYTHING!