the watched pot

I'm pretty sure I know what a watched pot feels like right now. Ya know, the one that never boils? I'm not quite to my due date yet, but I know every one is one edge waiting for that phone call/facebook post/ blog post etc announcing that I'm in labor. From the moment I figured out my due date I tried telling myself to add a week. Not the 9th, the 16th. But I've never been able to convince myself. I keep trying, but I just have this hope that maybe this guy won't be as late as sisters. But what if he's even LATER?? Ugh... I don't think I can be pregnant for two more weeks.

I'm pretty sure when that whole nesting instinct thing was given out, Heavenly Father forgot to give it to me. I think I got an extra dose of laziness. I don't ever remember having that urge to clean like crazy with the girls. I make myself do it, because I want a clean house for the baby and all, but it's not like an uncontrollable urge. Yesterday I scrubbed my bathtub. I'm sure some people might think I was nesting, but I'll tell ya what... it wiped me out. Apparently for two days. I am SO tired today. And my kitchen is a mess from making pizza dough last night... and I still don't want to clean it. Pretty much all of me hurts. My hips, my shoulders.. wah wah wah...

On the other hand... these are my last few weeks of being pregnant. I need to try and enjoy it. Because believe it or not I always end up missing it. So I'm trying to savor the feeling of this little person squirming around inside me. And trying to ignore the discomforts because really it is all such a miraculous process. With a beautiful little miracle in the end. I know that really Jesus wasn't born on Dec. 25th.. .but still this is the time we celebrate His birth, and I kind of think it's magical to be pregnant this time of year. I told Aaron when I go into labor I want to dress up like Mary and ride a donkey. We can have our own live nativity!!... is that sacrilegious? The thought makes me laugh anyway.


Rebecca said...

I can totally picture Aaron trying to find you a donkey to make your dream come true! LOL. He's just like that. And Olivia could be a shepherd and Abigail can be the sheep. "Baa, baa." I love it!
Now, there's a photo for your Christmas card!

Liz said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah, the mental imagery. I remember when you were hugely pregnant with Abigail (and I say hugely because you get these great beautiful perfect pregnant bellies, and you were like RIGHT at your due date- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't cry!!!) I was hoping she was coming soon... so you could start enjoying her little fingers and toes... SO, even though I can't see you, and I almost peed my pants laughing at the imagery between you and Rebecca... I'm still sitting here hoping it's not much longer, for your sake. However, if he's anything close to as chill as Aaron is... Well, I probably better not say the rest of that.

alliopie said...

lol - that may be sacriligious but made me laugh out loud! It would be frickin hilarious! hee hee

Hang in there - you are so good at being pregnant - you enjoy it, and still can do so much while you are pregnant - I admire that. But it is totally true - your title says it all. Oh and I am the same way with the nesting thing - never had the kick in just before anything lol. Just know you are in our prayers. Love you!